Return & Refund Policy

Cancellation of purchases made on the Site:

  • Cancellation policy will be subject to the Israeli law solely, including but not limited to the consumer protection law -1981.
  • Any cancellation and/or change and/or money refund for purchases that are custom made orders is not possible, all the items are custom made orders, the ordered items are not on stock, therefore, it is not possible to cancel an order and / or receive a refund, except in the event that there is a defect in the product originating from the site operator.
  • Any cancellation and/or change and/or money refund for purchases through the website not as a result of damaged item will be allowed within 14 days of the date the customer has received it and will be subject to the following accumulating  terms:
  • If the item has already delivered, the customer will bear the cost for the delivery charges, back and forth charges.
  • The quality of the sold items are very high quality, if items were delivered damaged and/or in law quality and/or there is unsuitability, only in the case that the causes for such cases are caused by the operator only, the operator will check the customer’s claims and will consider to replace the item or the refund the money to the customer and the delivery charges, subject to the operator’s consideration only.
  • Cancellation of a transaction following a defect in the products or a non-conformity shall be made by written request to the operator of the site within 14 days from the date of execution of the transaction or from the date of receipt of a document attesting to it, whichever is later and on condition that notice was given to the site operator of the defect within 48 hours at the latest after the date of supply, A notice in such time period constitutes a waiver by the Principal of any claim and / or claim in connection with, non-compliance and / or dissatisfaction on its part.
  • It is clarified, that there is no possibility to return damage items, subject to the fact that such items were not supplied as damages by the operator.
  • It is hereby clarified that any completion and / or replacement and / or return of a product as stated in these sections will charge the Principal with shipping charges as stated in the shipping charge section, except in cases of defect in the product originating from the operator of the site.

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