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As we reach the 18th anniversary of Lily Art Israel, we are proud to introduce our innovative and updated site which presents our new and varied product line. This year is especially significant as our Chai year.

Lily Art Israel design and create Judaica products and decorative accessories that include: bowls, vases and other beautiful and useful items which are unique in many ways, especially her use of rich and exciting colors.
By employing a variety of techniques on glass, metals and other materials, we are able to create original Israeli art that is traditional and yet innovative and always designed to perfection.

We have recently updated our collection to include a new line of embroidered textiles. They are designed to complement our Judaica series. This combination of Judaica and textiles has allowed us to create a fully integrated and complimentary designer collection.

All products are hand-made and are produced in our factory in Canot Center, Israel.
We are confident that our new catalog will be helpful for you and your business. We are looking forward to supporting our mutual success with exceptional design and devoted service.

“L’chayim! We are truly blessed and wish to thank you for your continued loyalty”

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